6 years in the making…

Well, it has been 6 years in the making to get to this point. Last week Paula and I went over to Caen to see the boat and begin drawing on the thousands of squares for the ‘pixels’ on the hull of the boat. Working over 10′ up in the air in the rain wasn’t ideal, but once the yard offered us the use of their ‘cherry picker’ things moved along much quicker. With a metal ruler, tape measure, sharpie pens and a lot of patience, we got the whole boat ‘gridded’ in two days and began to apply some of the pixel transfers of those already onboard.

People have got involved for many different reasons. One couple has a picture of them on their wedding, another girl has added a picture of her late father – ‘dad always wanted to sail around the world, now he can’. Along with individuals onboard, we also have a myriad of different businesses, even a local council. We also have a couple of charities helping to spread the word of who they are. Of course on the website they also get to have a link to their own site, so hopefully it will help them raise awareness of their charity.


Next Monday, 14th September 2015, we plan to bring the PixelBoat back to the UK where she will be based in Gosport Marina. Once back, we will have the job of adding more pixels to the hull as we only added a few in France. Click on the ‘PixelBoat’ links on the website to get yourself onboard and sail with us as we aim to break records.


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