Sailing back from Caen

PixelBoat leaving Caen

Well after a weeks delay due to bad weather, we have finally got the boat back to the UK and she is now safe and sound in Gosport Marina. We had quite an exciting blast back, with just two of us onboard and learning the boat and her systems all the time, we still managed to clock just under 17kts with two reefs in the main and the Solent jib up. it was a very wet and wild ride, much more so than the forecasts suggested, but we eventually arrived back in Portsmouth harbour just before midnight on Monday 21st.

So much to do with the boat. Replacing various blocks and lines as well as adding on the latest sponsor logos. It’s surprising how much we have already without any marketing yet.

All at Sea have published an article on the campaign and have asked if they can have a regular article from me about how things are going. Latest All at Sea article.

For now though it’s just about getting the boat ready, sorting through the manuals on-board and then getting time out on the water and raising more sponsorship 🙂

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