First solo sail

Well it had to happen sometime, so might as well start getting used to the idea of sailing the boat solo. Although the engine still has a few gremlins it seems, everything else went to plan. With a hand casting off from the marina, ‘Pixel Flyer*’ and I headed out in to Portsmouth harbour to get the mainsail up. (* we are thinking of calling the boat Pixel Flyer – any thoughts?).Passing Whitecliff bay

Once out of the harbour, I went with the Staysail just to get a feel for the boat on our first solo sail together. All went well, blasting out towards the Nab Tower at over 10kts. This boat just seems to cover distance so easily. Which is a good thing considering what I plan doing in it.

Once out past the anchored ships, we tacked back round and unfurled our Code zero to see how that went. Again everything worked as it should, although I need to move the sheet leads further forwards or rig up a ‘tweaker’ system for them.

Back in the Solent, the Zero was put away and we headed back in, everything achieved that we set out to do.

This week I am away as I have two sponsor meetings. One today with a potential Clothing supplier for the campaign and another on Wednesday in London with a potential sponsor – watch this space to see how they went!

Planning another day out sailing on Friday – fingers crossed the engineers can fix the engine problems by then!!!

Live your dreams 🙂

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