Another day – another talk

Last night I gave a talk at the Gosport Discovery Centre. Great crowd – you could have heard a pin drop throughout the talk, everyone was so captivated with the Southern Ocean story. Lots of interest afterwards and some great questions. I almost enjoy the Q&A afterwards more than giving the actual talk itself. Then this morning I get an email asking me to talk at a conference next year – planning ahead I guess and I still have a series of talks to give on-board P&O’s Oceana next month.

All at Sea are due to publish the first article about the campaign in their November issue so I will be looking out for that. Sailing Anarchy, the on-line sailing forum, have asked me to write something for them as well. I feel like I’m turning in to more of a journalist rather than a sailor!!!

Finally, we have got ourselves a fantastic brand and logo designed.

Pixel shirt logo

Now we just need more people to put their pictures onto the hull of the boat so we can start heading out and getting some records under our belt 🙂

Live your dreams

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