Off to sea…

Two interesting things have come up this week. I have been asked to sail around the UK as part of a PR stunt in December (more on this later), and the other day I was asked if I wanted to sail another Class 40 – ‘Caterham Challenge’ – down to Cascais in Portugal on Monday!

The trip is around 1500km and I will be sailing with ex Vendee Globe sailor Josh Hall. The route will take us down the English Channel, across the bay of Biscay and half way down the coast of Portugal. In all we expect it to take somewhere around 7 days. Although not sailing on the PixelBoat, it will still be invaluable experience.

Looking at the long range forecast (via GRIB files) it looks like it could get quite windy towards the southern end of Biscay!!! hmmmmm – just like old times.

I will also have with me my YellowBrick satellite tracker which will send position updates several times a day so anyone interested can follow us via the tracker website – or via this link: PixelBoat Tracker

Of course you can always get your picture on the PixelBoat by following the PixelBoat link at the top of this page 🙂


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