La Coruna delivery trip

Biscay track Nov 2015 This pic shows our track down across Biscay last week. It started out pretty well, fast sailing with the Code0/A3 up heading straight down the Channel, but when we reached the corner it all went very light and we had to resort to the engine 🙁

However, eventually the wind came in and we got sailing again – the only probem was that it was from the south so we would be beating in to it pretty much the whole way. Although the weather was incredibly mild for November, it got pretty bouncy as it hit 30kts. Class 40’s are simply not designed for upwind sailing and the banging and crashing below decks was infernal and not at all conducive to sleeping!!

Eventually we got to the northern coast of Spain, and although our original intention was to take the boat all the way to Cascais, we had some minor damage to the main so decided to stop in at La Coruna to get the sail repaired by Norths local office. In the marine we saw the dis-masted Hugo Boss boat  of Alex Thomson waiting to be lifted out for significant repairs to the hull. Not much for Alex this time around.

The PixelBoat however is looking good, with more and more pixels being filled with pictures. Click on the PixelBoat link to get yours on the side.

Lots of work going on with Pixel Flyer getting her ready for her first record attempt in a few weeks time.


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