Honorary Royal Temple Yacht Club Membership

RTYC with FrankAfter giving a talk at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Commodore Frank Martin handed over a club burgee, a tie and Honourary membership of the club. Not sure exactly where I will fly the burgee from but I am sure I can get some good pics with it as we round cape Horn in a couple of years time.

Soon after I began sailing on Stonar lake and in Broadstairs all those years ago, I moved on to sailing bigger boats at the club and racing in Ramsgate week. It was great to go up the club again and to see some old faces from the past.

I will be setting records from now with the RTYC name on the transom of the boat – pics will follow…

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  1. Frank Martin says:

    Thanks for an inspirational talk on Friday, Alex, it was a pleasure to meet you and to give you honorary membership of RTYC. We look forward to staying in touch . We’ll be right behind you a you continue to break those records. Best wishes from RTYC.
    Frank Martin
    Commodore RTYC

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