Southampton Boatshow and Latest Sponsors

Well it was a busy Southampton Boatshow for the PixelBoat campaign.

20160916_093119637_iosThanks to English Braids, we had a chance to talk to people from their stand and had a lot of interest. At the show we managed to sign up Sebago as a new sponsor. They have supplied Alex with some new Deck Shoes as well as the new C3 sailing shoe which Alex will be putting through it paces. You will also see their logo on the hull soon.

Another new sponsor to come along is DCI refrigeration. They have sponsored the Staysail which will be heading off to Ocean Art to be branded in the coming weeks – pictures will follow soon.

There has also been a flurry of activity on pixel sales on the hull, with a recent spate of people buying up squares and putting their picture on the hull. It’s starting to look quite eclectic now as more and more people get their pictures and logo’s on the boat – a colourful mosaic growing weekly.

Sailing news – during a recent sail, Alex managed to break the main halyard. Lucking it was one of the original lines on the boat and was due to be replaced over the winter by English braids anyway, so this little mishap just sped up the process. We will be out sailing again soon.

Finally we have a new Code 5 on order with Paul at Ultimate Sails in Hamble. Looking forward to having a play with that as it is currently a gap in the sail wardrobe which we have been keen to fill.

Thanks to everyone so far for their generous support. Please keep it up and keep an eye out for Pixel Flyer sailing in and around the Solent over the winter.

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