At the top of the mast

After breaking the old main halyard a few weeks ago, we now have the new one from English Braids. As it is a 2:1 system, it means that one end is permanently attached at the top of the mast. You can see in the picture that there is a metal ‘dog-bone’ that sits on top of the mast crane and the halyard goes out through a hole in the bottom, down to the head of the mainsail, then back up to the sheave at the masthead and then down inside the mast to the cockpit jammer.

While up the mast it was also a good opportunity to give the entire rig a check. All looked ok, just some of the varnish coming off the carbon. Nothing too serious, just looks a bit unsightly, although at some point i will have the mast out completely and re-varnished. However that is currently not in the budget so need to keep up with the funding and pixel sponsorship.

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