Stuck for a Christmas Present?

What do you get someone, who already has most of what they want, for Christmas?

pixel-srbdIt’s that time of year when you may be stuck with what to get your partner or loved ones for a Christmas present. Having their picture on the side of the Pixel Flyer as we aim for the Round the World record has to be a pretty unique offering! They can come and see their picture on the boat as we train along the South Coast.

It’s simple to do – either via the website itself by following the Pixel links or you can email us your picture to, tell us how many squares you want and where you want it. We will then do the rest for you – except pay for it of course…

pixel-close-upEach pixel is 5cm x 5cm. Most cost only £25, with the top 4 rows costing £35 each. Any problem or comments please get in touch – without your help we cannot set more records.


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