Getting ‘onboard’ Pixel Flyer

The sides of Pixel Flyer are a growing  mosaic of images – we have no idea what it is going to look like when it is finished. People have put their image on the hull for all sorts of reasons. Each one has a story to tell. For example, we were contacted by a family from New Zealand. They had read about the crowd funding of the campaign and wanted to be involved. Their father had passed away and as he was a keen sailor, the family wanted to honour his life somehow, so they bought a few pixels and uploaded his image to the website. They now tell everyone that although he never managed to sail around the world, he now can on the side of Pixel Flyer when we head out for our Solo Around the World record attempt in November 2018.

We have some people who have put pictures of their pets on the hull and some who have uploaded wedding pictures. There also seems to be a trend of having pictures of grandchildren  uploaded. Then of course there are the various businesses buying space for advertising with their logo on the hull and a link from the website.

It is simple to have your picture on the hull. Each 5cm x 5cm square (or pixel) costs either £35 on the top 4 rows, or £25 on the remainder of the hull. You can either upload the image yourself, as many already have done, by clicking on the ‘Buy Pixels’ link at the top of the page and following the instructions on the screen, or simply email your image to and tell us how many pixels you would like. We will then upload it for you.

You can see who is already onboard by clicking here.

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