Every pixel tells a story

One of the things we love about the PixelBoat, are the stories behind the pixels. People are getting involved for all sorts of different reasons.

One recent email we had in from Abigail after hearing Alex speaking:

Abi and Pads

Dear Alex

Thank you for the interesting talks on board our recent transatlantic trip on the Britannia. They were fascinating. I have attached the photo of my self and my late husband Paddy. Pads should have been on the Britannia with me but died unexpectedly last year so in a funny way you have given us an opportunity for one last voyage together .

Good luck on your travels



A lovely story and now they will both be able to sail around the world together.

Another similar story came from Lynn and her family in New Zealand

My husband and our family sailed for twenty years . He died aged 61 from a brain tumour so his sons want him to sail with you… Well their idea. Denis always wanted to sail around the world, 12 years after he died his dream is coming true – sort of. We are sending Denis around the world on the Pixel Boat

We will all be watching your progress. 

All the best

Lynn. New Zealand.

You don’t need a reason to get onboard, just click on ‘Buy Pixels’ at the top of the page, see who else is already onboard and upload your own picture.

Happy sailing 🙂

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