Out the water

Pixel Flyer is out the water at Endeavour Quays at the moment having some work done.
Whilst in Ramsgate she was unfortunately involved in an incident – nothing to do with me – she was moored up and I wasn’t even on-board at the time (I was racing on another boat for the day). She was hit just forward of the mast on the port side by someone losing control in the marina in 20kts of wind. Silly incident and doesn’t look too bad, but as she is foam cored and the core has been damaged it takes a bit more to repair it.

While the boat is out the water, we have taken the opportunity to have the mast out so that we can give it a thorough check over and also give it a fresh coat of lacquer.

That has now been done and is looks like a new mast. New LED masthead light fitted and next job is to put all the halyards and rigging back. We are also getting some sexy new runners and check stays from English Braids using their latest DM20 Dynastay with a dynema cover.

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