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AN ADVENTUROUS sailor will be paying tribute to a ship’s crew members who died during the Falklands War.

Alex Alley from Gosport is looking to set a solo non-stop round the world sailing record next year – but will be stopping off to pay tribute to the personnel who gave their lives aboard HMS Glamorgan.

On June 11, 1982, County Class destroyer HMS Glamorgan was struck by an Argentinian Exocet missile, killing 14 crew members.

During Alex’s journey around the world, he will lay 14 poppies at the site where the crew members lost their lives.

Alex said: ‘I will be laying paper poppies out at sea – each of which will have a crew member’s name on the back.

‘A very good friend of mine is Peter Galloway, who served on board HMS Glamorgan at the time.

‘When he suggested that I do something like this I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea.’

Alex’s journey will begin in November 2018, with the current plan being to reach the Falklands in January 2019.

He said: ‘I am looking forward to stopping by the Falklands to pay tribute to the crew members.

‘I am genuinely honoured to lay down the poppies at sea, and I see it as a privilege to have been asked.’

Captain Peter Galloway said: ‘I have been inspired by what Alex has already achieved in his lifetime and I am extremely proud to count him as a friend.

‘Together with the members of the ship’s company who wished to support Alex in this amazing venture and all those on board HMS Glamorgan who survived that dreadful moment in 1982.

‘I wish him the very best in his world record-breaking attempt and thank him most sincerely for agreeing to carry out this meaningful tribute to those we lost.’

Alex’s vessel of choice for the adventure is the class 40 racing yacht Pixel Flyer – courtesy of PixelBoat.

The campaign is crowd-funded, with people able to have their picture put onto the side of the boat.

This round-the-world journey will be the first time Alex has taken on the ocean solo.

He said: ‘I am really excited because it is the first time I have done this – but it may also end up being the last.

‘I don’t think I will get lonely while taking on the challenge, because there is always so much to do.

‘You just have to plan things much more meticulously – and further in advance – since there’s only one of you.

‘I will also have connection to the outside world, so not 
only can keep people updated with my progress but also can keep in touch with friends and family.’

Article by David George

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Click on the ‘Buy Pixels‘ link above to get your picture or logo on the boat.

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