Sail painting

Thanks to Trudy and Gere at Ocean Art the sails are starting to look pretty awesome. In their well appointed unit in Swanwick near Southampton they have the Mainsail and Solent laid out on the floor.

Monday was spent preparing the sails. Taping up all the trim lines and the white edges to the sails and generally getting them ready for painting.

Tuesday was the first of the painting days. Using a specially formulated paint, made especially for this process, they began to pant the sails black on one side before leaving them to dry overnight.

The top of the mainsail features a bright yellow flash which should make it stand out at sea, even when heavily reefed down.

Wednesday the sails were flipped over so the paint could be applied to the other side. This is when I popped along to see how they were getting along and to take some pictures.

Thursday is the day that the Graphics are applied. Because the sails let the light through, we have had to paint them so that the graphics would display properly and not be seen through the sail.

In one respect it is a shame to have to paint the sails as they look pretty cool showing all the carbon threads inside the laminate and the paint does add a little extra weight. However on the plus side, it makes them stand out and also gives them some more UV protection – one of the biggest destroyers of sails.

I can’t wait to get them on the boat next week and out sailing 🙂

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