Hurry up and wait…

Well the wind gods certainly aren’t playing ball at the moment for the next record attempt. Since getting back from Antigua Race Week a few weeks ago we have been eagerly watching the weather out in the Atlantic. Although there have been a few nice low pressure systems coming across they have either gone the wrong way, pushed south by a blocking high pressure system, or have simply fizzled out and lost power. Neither is conducive to sailing fast. Although having said that, I often get people saying something along the lines of ‘I bet you can’t wait for 40+ knots of wind to go blasting along?’ Yes, in 40 knots of wind it does get pretty fruity on-board, but to be honest, the boat is faster in half as much wind. In 40 knots you are well reefed down and can’t maximize the performance of the boat as you are thinking more about keeping the boat, and you, in one piece and not breaking anything. I am looking for a nice steady 20-25 knots, that will do nicely thank you. However there is nothing in the next two weeks suggesting that is going to happen, so for now,  it is simply a case of ‘Hurry up and wait’.

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  1. Al Gregory says:

    Hope you have a great time in November Alex!!!! and that you are still enjoying life to the fullest!!!!! LOL AL and Vicki (Power Supply Band) xxxx

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