Sail testing – well kind of!

As there was very little wind out today, and I needed a second pair of hands to remove and test the water-maker, I decided it might be a good idea to get out the storm jib and put it up. Especially as I hadn’t taken this sail out of it’s bag since getting the boat and it is very likely to be putting in an appearance during the Round the World record attempt, and usually at the time when you need it most!

 The storm jib is bright orange so that it can be seen in stormy weather, either by other shipping or search and rescue aircraft. It flies from the inner forestay, inside the main forestay. This means that the inner forestay has to be set and tensioned, then the storm jib is hanked on before being hoisted. It’s a small sail but in big winds it will be more than enough to keep the boat pointing in the right direction without being over powered. It can be used either on its own in very strong wind, or with 4 reefs in the mainsail (which will bring the main down to pretty much just the yellow top, again providing high visibility for anyone looking out for me.)

This is a sail that will inevitably be flown in pretty ‘exciting’ conditions – I must remember to get the camera out at the same time!!!

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