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Although we have come a long way since setting out on this journey over 9 years ago, there is still a lot we need to do and sort out before the off in November this year – now only 5 months away!

The Pixel sales are ticking along and every little bit really does help us to get the specialist equipment we need, so a huge thank you to those that already have their picture on the side of the boat and for those that want to get involved and help us to bring the record home, you can easily get your picture on the side of the boat simply by clicking on the ‘Buy Pixels’ link at the top of the page.

There are two types of equipment we need – there is the essential equipment that we must have before we go, such as safety equipment, and then there are the ‘nice to haves and performance enhancing equipment, which we can manage without but obviously would contribute significantly to the success of the campaign.

The Essentials:

Fire extinguishers  £          75.00
First Aid kit  £    1,800.00 Ocean Cat 0 first aid kit
Food  £    2,900.00 Freeze dried and food suplements
Fuel cell fuel  £        105.00 Ideally have 3 @ £35 each
Immersion suit  £        525.00 Survival suit
Insurance TBC expecting this to be £10k+
Lifejacket rearm kits  £          75.00 replacement gas canisters
Liferaft service  £        700.00 Current liferaft is out of date
Replace flares  £        250.00 current ones out of date
Replace forestay  £    3,000.00 Needed for insurance and should be replaced anyway
Replace Jackstays  £        120.00 safety clip on lines
Replace rigging  £    3,000.00 Needed for insurance and should be replaced anyway
Satellite Tracker  £        460.00 plots position on website every hour
Second liferaft Solas A  £    3,900.00 spare liferaft inside boat by transom escape hatch
Update electronic charts  £        500.00 Worldwide charts for the plotter onboard

The Nice to Haves:

Diver to clean hull  £        180.00 each dive, keeps the bottom of the boat clean and fast
Hydrogenerator  £    4,000.00 Second unit (hydro failure was the reason one record attempt failed)
Mooring for records  £        350.00 £35 per day. Also need mooring from August – October in Gosport
Satellite time TBC – allows  weather downloads and shore contact
Service annemometer  £        225.00 Needs bearings replacing
Sextant and tables  £        350.00 plastic sextant and sight tables
10L mini-B dive set  £        595.00 emergency dive kit
Solar panel power Converter  £        250.00 updated Solar panel charge controller
Spare winch handle  £        120.00 always handy to have
Update race software  £        890.00 Routing and weather software on the boat
Weather routing  £    2,800.00 around £20 per day

Every little really does help make a difference and goes towards the equipment we need to get the record.

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