PF comes out of the water for repairs

A couple of weeks ago, Pixel Flyer was hit in the marina by another boat and unfortunately their boarding ladder punctured the hull which means we have been unable to use the boat until it is repaired.

Desty Marine at Endeavour Quays have worked on the boat before and Mark there knows what he is doing with this boat. Because it is a foam cored hull it means the repair is more than just a bit of filler. The core needs to be cut out and replaced using epoxy resin and a vacuum bag before the outer skin is replaced and then it is painted.

Inconvenient, but it does give us the opportunity to get on with all those jobs we have been lining up for when the boat comes out the water, such as replacing the propeller anode and re-antifouling the rudders and keel bulb.

The boat had quite a bit of weed growth which is not surprising as she has not moved for 4 weeks (I was away for two and then the accident happened).

The repair should take about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to complete and I will be adding some pictures of the repair as it progresses, so watch this space.

In the meantime  we have been hitting the press again with several news articles – Click here for the one from the Portsmouth News

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