Repairs Finished

Well Desty Marine have excelled once again with their work.

Two weeks ago Pixel Flyer came out the water after being holed on the port quarter. Because of the foam sandwich construction it wasn’t simply a matter of filling the hole and applying some gel-coat over the top.

First, the hole had to be opened up to reveal the foam core inside and a section of the core cut out. Then a matching piece had to be put in place using epoxy resin and cured using heat lamps.

Once cured, the fibreglass skin was added and also cured then layers of filler to bring it just proud of the surrounding area. Once the filler was cured, lots of time was spent sanding it back to ensure a perfectly smooth finish that matched the surround with no lumps or bumps.


The whole area was then covered in a plastic tent to begin the painting. Starting with a primer, undercoat then several layers of specially colour matched top coat.


The finished article is as good as new with a high gloss mirror finish. The only job to do now is to re-apply the pixels damaged in the accident, which luckily was only one block.

The boat is due for re-launch Monday afternoon and the weather is looking perfect for it. Once in the water we will give the boat a good clean from where it has been sat in the boatyard for two weeks then the next big job to look forward to is fitting the new Kevlar forestay which has been made up in France and is due for delivery sometime this week.

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