Only a few days left to buy Pixels and get your picture on the boat

As we are now getting close to leaving the UK, time is running out for getting Pixels as we simply won’t have the time to print them and put them on the hull.

We have decided that SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER IS THE DEADLINE FOR BUYING PIXELS. Any Pixels bought and paid for before this weekend will be added to the website and will be in the very last print run to go on the boat. After this date, and before Alex leaves, any Pixels bought will still be shown on the virtual boat online but will not be on the actual boat. 

So don’t waste any time – you only have a few days left to either email us your picture to or upload it yourself via the ‘buy pixels’ link at the top of the page. Each 5cm x 5cm pixel is only £25, a unique opportunity to sail around the world without leaving the comfort of your home or even getting your feet wet!

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