Weather Update

It seems that looking at the weather has become a regular pastime in this house. Every day I receive an update from Nick outlining the forecasts. Then I usually download a weather file and get a handle on things as well. The next thing I do is download several GRIB files (weather files) and then run them through my race software program, called Adrena. This then allows me to run various routing scenarios leaving at different times using that forecast. The computer program already knows how Pixel Flyer will perform in different wind strengths and wind angles (I can also add in effects of waves ie surfing conditions). The program also has information on the currents and includes that in the calculations as well.

Adrena then runs various routes leaving at different times. The picture below shows several routing options starting 3 hours apart. It also shows the isochrones and the optimum route for each option.

As you can see from the above routing simulation, the best option will still only get me to the Canaries in just over 9 days. If you then look at the table below, you can see the reason for this is that it is virtually all upwind. Certainly not ideal for the start of a record.

This is the kind of pattern we have been seeing for the last few weeks. The wind is predominantly coming from the south and quite often is very strong – strong enough to break kit.

So the latest news today is that there is nothing suitable before 8th December at least. After that however, as of Monday mornings communications with Nick, things look like they are beginning to settle down from around the 12th onwards. Although still fairly strong winds, they are at least from the right direction. So for now we are monitoring that very closely and fingers crossed we will be able to leave sometime next week.

Will keep you posted as things develop…

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