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Latest News

  • Not long now
  • Susie rescued from Southern Ocean
  • A few notable thanks


  • Finally it looks like we are about to get the long awaited break in the weather – at last! It has been a very long and frustrating wait, but we are now starting to see a more settled weather pattern develop after the weekend. It does mean that Christmas plans are on hold though. There seems to be another weather system heading our way this week with some more strong winds, but behind this is a gap. Currently it looks like it will be suitable to leave Gosport on either Sunday or Monday (Christmas eve!) and head west to the start line. Originally this weather was set to be here on Saturday/Sunday, but that now looks to have shifted more towards Sunday/Monday. There is still a week to go so that could even shift further to Christmas day. If anyone is around and wants to wave me off, then it would be great to see you. I will send out an update at the end of the week with more information on timing.


  • Good news from the Southern Ocean. Golden Globe competitor Susie Goodall has been picked up from her stricken yacht. She was competing in the Solo Non-Stop around the world race re-enactment of the original Golden Globe Race in 1968. The only female and the youngest skipper, she was lying in 4th place, steadily catching up to 3rd place when she was caught in a storm. The boat was pitch-poled, stern over bow. With the mast broken, and Susie lying knocked out below decks, it was a short while before she was able to activate her emergency beacon. The MRCC in Falmouth (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre) began the process of starting a rescue. There was a Chinese cargo ship about 450 miles away which was diverted to meet her. Two days later she was picked up from her boat and then taken to Chile. She was some 2000 miles west of Cape Horn when the accident happened. Ironically, this is not far away from where we had our incident during the Global Challenge Round the World Race in the Southern Ocean when one of ourcrew broke their arm after being hit by a wave. We were heading in the other direction towards New Zealand, but had to turn around and sail for 5 days all the way back to South America where we had just come from to drop him off for major surgery. ‘Flash’ made a full recovery and was able to rejoin us 5 months later in Cape Town to finish the race with us. Flash now has some pretty impressive metalwork holding his arm together.


  • This week looks like it may well be my last week before I go. There are lots of people I want to thank for all their help with the campaign. All my sail sponsors – Fasthosts, DCI, Waterfront Cars, Rund, Viessmann. Equipment suppliers – English Braids, Helly Hansen, Sebago, Kannad, Barton, RS Aqua, MetOcean, Topsleep, PredictWind, Victron, KitVision, Ocean Safety, Oarsome Chance, Jerry the Rigger, Mactra Marine and everyone else who has helped with kit. Haslar Marina who have supported me and Endeavour Quay and Desty Marine who have helped when the boat is out the water. Also the army of individuals and businesses who have bought Pixels on the side of the boat. Finally the biggest thank you is to my fiancee Paula, without whom this wouldn’t be happening at all. So thank you all for getting me to where I am now – able to head out next week to try and break this record.

Will keep you posted later this week as things develop…

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