The next great chapter…

So here it is – after returning from Adelaide and sailing 75 days solo, half way around the world, I was only back in the UK for a week before this project came along.
I was approached by a friend who had been talking with 4 brothers from Essex who had just bought a large yacht and wanted to do some sailing. The only issue was that they were not sailors! Which is where I came in to the equation. As someone who has done a bit of sailing, the brothers were keen to have me help them with the fit out of the stunning Oyster yacht and then skipper it, with them as my crew, across the Atlantic in the ARC rally, from Gran Canaria to St Lucia, in November.
This gives us a very tight schedule between now and then to get the boat completely fitted out, launched, mast and rigging on, sea trials and sailing trials before taking the boat down to the Canaries ready for the start of the race on 24th November.
Once in the Caribbean the boat will be available for charter

Welcome to Champagne Hippy

So with a very busy summer ahead, I will be spending a lot of time at the boatyard dealing with the refit and helping to spec the boat. A mountain of work ahead but a fantastic project to be a part of. With so much to do I will be keeping the website updated with progress and also try and do a few video blogs as the massive refit progresses.

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