The Big Rebuild

The start of the huge project to turn this…

Back to this…

Follow the full story of the rebuild by video here

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  1. John Copleston says:

    I don’t want face book Alex so how do I subscribe to your site ?
    John Copleston ( copsdocs)

    1. PixelBoat says:

      Hi John
      Good to hear from you. If you want to subscribe and get all the latest updates and videos from Alex, then the best way is to sign up to his Patreon page. It’s a subscription of only $2 per month and you can sign up at
      You will get exclusive access to video footage from PixelBoat as well as the rebuild of the Oyster 825 Champagne Hippy and then be able to follow him across the Atlantic in November.
      Many thanks for your support

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