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Pixel Boat: Sailing World Record Challenge - Solo nonstop Around the World

So what is the ‘PixelBoat?

The idea behind the PixelBoat campaign is ultimately to break the Solo Around the World Record for a boat 40’ or less. This record has only been attempted once before and currently stands at 137d 20h 1m 57s, set by Chinese sailor Guo Chuan.

Why ‘PixelBoat’?

In order to raise sponsorship for the campaign, the sides of the 40’ yacht are covered in 5cm x 5cm squares. Individuals and companies can buy as many squares as they want to and upload an image to go on to the virtual boat online and also be transferred on to the actual boat as well. They can also have a link to their website online if they want to, then anyone clicking on their image will be taken to their site – so the bigger the image, the more likely people will be to click on the link. Everything is done via the website on the following pages, upload your image, add you link and pay via BACS or PayPal – it’s as simple as that.

How much is each square?

Each square selling for either £25 or £35 depending on its position on the boat – the higher up, the more expensive they are.

What pictures can I upload?

Anything goes really as long as it isn’t offensive. We have companies uploading their logo, individuals uploading wedding pics or friends and family, either for fun or as a gift. One girl so far has uploaded a picture of her father who passed away – ‘dad always wanted t sail around the world, now he can with Alex…’ Where can we see the boat?

The campaign is based in Gosport Marina, in Portsmouth Harbour. We will be sailing and training in and around the Solent initially, and then heading further afield as we become more familiar with the boat and its systems. The boat will look pretty iconic, and if you do see us then please come over and say hello.

How can we get involved?

Click on the button to see the virtual boat and then follow the instructions on screen…

Go to the PixelBoat