Great Start in the Round the Island Race 2015

RTI start 2015

‘Panther’, GBR43X in the centre of the picture. The Grand Soleil 43 that I am currently skippering. We had a fantastic start in this years Round the Island Race. Front row, starboard tack heading for the green off of Cowes. One of the smallest and slowest boats in Class 0 we had to make sure we just had clean air and didn’t get sat on by one of the bigger boats. A great scrap all the way down to the Needles and then a fantastic run with the big masthead kite all the way to St Catherines and then after a gybe on to Bembridge Ledge Buoy. Finally up to Cowes and finished 23rd in Class. Happy with that result with a new boat and relatively inexperienced crew. Cowes week next then it will be training on the Class 40 when we bring it back to the UK 🙂

Can’t wait…

New Blog starts here
Well here I am writing my first blog on this site.

I have no idea who may read this, but i hope that as the campaign builds momentum that more and more people will check back here to see how things are going.

I will be sharing my thoughts, hopes and experiences on here.

I will also be keeping everyone updated with the latest news on the campaign – talking of which, I have a very interesting meeting with a potential main sponsor yeaterday. I can’t say too much more at this stage, but suffice to say that if it comes off and everything goes to plan then you can expect to see me at the Southampton Boat Show with the boat… We will even be giving show visitors the chance to buy pixels and see their picture applied to the boat while they wait – what better way to draw customers in?

That’s probably all for now

If you haven’t got your picture on the side yet then what are you waiting for?

Till next time


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