Alex is available for sailing assignments, either racing your boat with you, or simply having him onboard to help you sail better, or just hear about his experiences

Recently Alex has been skippering the 43′ race yacht ‘Panther’ in the Caribbean 600 and Heineken Cup in St Maarten. He has been involved with the owner for many years and was instrumental in specifying the boat during build in Italy for the owner and then racing her in the UK and Caribbean.

Another recent project was consulting with the new owners of the 90′ Oyster ‘Champagne Hippy’. This boat was a complete write off from the insurance company and spent 12 weeks on the sea bed. With no sailing experience, the owners contracted Alex to advise on the 12 month rebuild, including specifying many of the systems onboard, and the sailing her to the Canaries and then race her across the Atlantic. He is still working with the owners, skippering the boat when she is sailing offshore and trans ocean as well as racing her when the need arises.

It is not just high profile boats he is involved with – he often sails around the coast with ordinary people in less exotic boats, just because people want to increase their experience and learn more about their boats and gain confidence.

Currently skippering an 80′ luxury yacht around the world with the owners.


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