British multiple World Record Yachtsman and co author of the leadership book Boat to Boardroom, Alex Alley is an expert in Flexible, Resilient Performance as well as being a co-founder of Adventure Psychology. In 2019 he spent 75 days alone at sea aiming to break a solo non-stop around the world sailing record in his 40′ race yacht ‘Pixel Flyer’. This puts him in a unique position to talk first hand about what it takes to succeed and thrive in very challenging situations.

Leading a team around the world through the freezing expanse of the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn in the Global Challenge – ‘The Worlds Toughest Yacht Race’, dealing with serious medical emergencies thousands of miles from help, yet still managing to keep the team motivated and continue to achieve records.

Alex has spoken at conferences and events around the World. Inspiring teams and leaders to be the best they can, even in challenging times.

Alex brings it to life, with onboard video footage and then makes it all relevant to the business world. An expert on resilience, crisis management, teamwork, leadership, communication.

Being at the sharp end of ‘challenge’, Alex knows first hand what it takes to beat the odds and bounce back with high performance.

Still very much involved in the high performance world of Ocean Racing, Alex is even able to bring to the event communication with current challenges using live satellite video links to boats racing mid ocean (when available, logistics permitting)

Working with top teams in some of the worlds toughest challenges, Alex inspires and motivates them to not only succeed, but be the best they can against adversity. An expert on Leadership, in his High Performance book – ‘Boat to Boardroom’ he brings to life the tools needed to not just survive but thrive in todays business world.

An Author, World Champion, World Record Holder and truly Inspirational Speaker – someone who has been there and succeeded at the highest possible level.

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Using the unique Adventure Psychology Models, Alex talks candidly about living, and working, with the same team 24/7 for up to 8 weeks at a time through storms and life threatening conditions. How do you motivate a team when they are 1000 miles from civilisation, 3 crew down, one seriously injured, it’s freezing cold outside with huge waves pounding the boat day and night. Still a month from the finish and dry land, 2000 miles behind the rest of the fleet, the team are completely alone, but they don’t give up…

Learn top tips from someone who has really been there – an ordinary man who has achieved, and is still achieving, extraordinary things.


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