Ever since learning to sail as a child, Alex looked for more performance out of his boat. He always asked questions of the faster teams as to why they were doing what they did in his quest to constantly learn.

After racing in the Class 40 circuit with other sailors, Alex was eager to race around the world again. He set his sights on breaking the world record for ‘Solo, Non-Stop Around the World in a monohull 40’ and under’. The first hurdle to overcome was getting the boat; a Class 40’ was way beyond his budget, so he crowd-funded the campaign with 1000s of mini-sponsors and the Pixel Boat was born.

In May 2015 Alex found what he was looking for – GBR 112. A third-generation boat which ticked all the boxes. It was built for a two-handed around the world race, which it had won, and it held the 24-hour distance record for a 40’ boat.

Before attempting the solo around the world record, he set other records as part of the preparation and training. In December 2015 Alex set the Length of Britain record and just over a year later, on New Year’s Day 2017 he set the solo around the Isle of Wight record and the outright Isle of Wight record for a 40’ yacht.

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With continued fundraising and linking up with Portsmouth University to run experiments as he sailed, Alex made it to the start line for the Around the World record attempt on New Year’s Eve 2018/2019.

However, after 75 days alone at sea and over 14,500 miles disaster struck… and he had to retire.


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